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Balance Bluetooth Blood Pressure Monitor with Upper Arm Cuff, Digital Smart BP Meter With Large Display, Set also comes with Tubing and Device Bag

Our Bluetooth monitor has the same high accuracy as our top-selling upper arm monitor, now with the ability to sync results to the device of your choice. When you take a measurement, your monitor sends it to the Balance Health app, where it is displayed in the context of your overall measurement history and healthy… Read More »

Blood Pressure Readings By Age

Blood Pressure Before we move on to the normal blood pressure rates, it’s very important that we understand what a blood pressure, a high blood pressure or a low blood pressure means. The pumping of the heart makes the blood flow through the arteries in the body. The pressure which falls on the walls of… Read More »

Clarify What Low Blood Pressure Is

Low blood pressure is a difficult clinical finding for a healthcare provider to address. While high blood pressure is known as the “silent killer,” because it is associated with few acute symptoms, hypotension (hypo=low + tension=pressure) may be normal for a patient if it is without symptoms, but can be of great importance if it… Read More »